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Premium Designtelefon with Smartphone connect
Saturday, 14 November, 2015 1 Comments

Premium Designtelefon with Smartphone connect

The KX-PRW110 phone breaks optically new ground: in this Designtelefon the handset sits elegantly on an invisible magnetic contact of the base station and forms so an optical unit.

When selecting the materials emphasis on quality. Brushed aluminum was combined with modern high-tech plastics. This precision looks and feel immediately.

The base station of the KX-PRW110 also offers a sensational novelty: you can be comfortable with Smartphones or tablets combine. So at home manages Smartphone telephony at a fixed rate.

Also you Smartphone or Tablet PC (Google Andoid ™ ™ & iOS ™ Apple ™) to a DECT handset is very fast with a Panasonic KX-PRW and the app "Smartphone Connect". The k-x PRW integrates up to four devices via Wi-Fi in your fixed network system and allows so many possibilities:

  • You can receive landline calls directly on your Smartphone/tablet, or you can make.
  • You make internal calls between landline phone and Smartphone, able to route calls or conference calls.
  • You transfer contacts with photos, sounds and wallpapers from your Smartphone on the KX-PRW110.
  • A lot of fees save you and your callers with a fixed grid flat.

Tip: The base of the k-x PRW is a Wi-Fi Repeater at the same time and thus expanding the range of your Wi-Fi radio network!

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